Structures for livestock and environmental engineering

The research group operates on topics in the field of Structures for Livestock and Mechanization in Farms, with particular attention to the following aspects:

- Environmental impact of farms: emissions deriving from herd management (manure management, gasses and odours); plants for the production of biogas or biomethane from manure and/or cultures, biomasses, byproducts and biowastes; plants and systems for the management of digestate to reduce its environmental impact (i.e. liquid solid separation, membrane filtration, drying, vacuum evaporation, innovative composting processes, nitrification and denitrification); agronomic utilization of manure and digestate.

- Mechanization and automatization in farms: systems for the cleaning of housings, automated feeding systems in bovine farms, automated control of ventilation and cooling.

- Animal welfare in intensive farms: characterization and monitoring of microclimate in farms and indoor air quality (concentration and emissions of gasses, particulate and breathable dust); analysis of animal behavior to determine the effect of automated feeding and milking; climate control in animal housings (forced aeration, cooling and heating systems).

Scientific staff

Francesco DA BORSO (Associate Professor)
Alessandro CHIUMENTI (Researcher)

Research topics

  • Automated system for the management of livestock (feeding, climate control, cleaning, milking);
  • Anaerobic digestion for the production of biogas from manure and biowastes
  • Digestate treatment
  • Heat stress reduction in farms
  • Use of drones in agriculture