Veterinary pathology

The Veterinary Pathology Research Group includes researchers involved in the following study topics: general pathology and pathological anatomy, microbiology and infectious diseases, parasitology and parasitic diseases. The research activity includes studies on diseases pathogenesis, immune response and parasitic diseases of fish species, specifically rainbow trout, gilthead seabream and European seabass. The Research Group is also involved in studies on the etiopathogenesis and prevention of diseases affecting domestic and wild mammals, also dealing with zoonoses, quality and safety of animal derived products. The activities, over time, included studies on ecopathology and ecoparasitology of wildlife (most of all in Friuli Venezia Giulia), collaborations with different national organizations, scientific and technological transfer in developing countries (central Africa area). The main competences concern: anatomopathology; histology; fish immunology; parasitology; wildlife pathology; safety of animal products.

Scientific staff

Paola BERALDO (Researcher) 
Marco GALEOTTI (Full Professor)
Stefano PESARO (Technician)
Paolo TOMÈ (Informatical Technician )
Donatella VOLPATTI (Associate Professor)

Research topics

  • Etiopathogenesis and prophylaxis of fish diseases
  • Macroscopic diagnostics and histology applied to veterinary pathological anatomy
  • Immune response in Teleosts
  • Vaccines for fish species
  • Quality and safety of animal derived products
  • Parasitology and parasitic diseases of domestic and wild vertebrates
  • Histopathological diagnostic service for fish farmers/fish vets