SAV Laboratories

The research activity of the section is supported by several laboratories able to perform chemical, physical, biological and sensory analysis  on organic and inorganic matrix including:

  • Zootechnical foods (fodder, feed, concentrates, etc.)
  • Food products from animal (meat, cured meats, dairy products, fish and derivatives ...)
  • Cells, tissues and animal fluids (blood, plasma, organs, rumen fluid ...)
  • Parasitological investigations
  • Zootechnical waste
  • Necropsies on animal carcasses

The analysis are aimed to achieved the purposes  of the research projects, however some labs (pathological anatomy, sensory) have a service activity "third parties" which can be accessed by private citizens, institutions or companies following the administrative procedure provided.

The research activity of the section is supported by the work of the technical staff, specialized in various analysis on animal origin matrix and zootechnical foods.

According to the involvement level in the research projects, technicians provide:

  • Manage tools and spaces in laboratories,
  • Performing analytical activities using instrumental tools,
  • Elaborate instrumental / analytical responses,
  • Draw up reports, scientific and dissemination articles and / or referees in scientific publications,
  • Prepare ordinary and extraordinary purchases based on the evaluation of the quotations,
  • Support teachers' activities (eg specific lessons or lab exercises),
  • Assist teachers in managing research projects,
  • Encourage the integration (and follow them in their activities) of students, PhD students, external guests in the working reality of the research group,
  • Participate “in field” activities (control, collection, sample measurement)