Italian taste

Project designed and coordinated by the Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali (SISS)

36 months, 2015-2018

Principal investigator for University of Udine 
prof. Edi Piasentier

The project involved 3000 Italians, from the North to the South of Italy, aged between 20 and 60 years. 240 people took part at this test performed in the Sensory Analysis laboratory at the University of Udine.
All the collected data, processed ensuring the anonymity of the answers, are merged into a single database that, once analyzed, will highlight the influence of the variables that come play a role in food choices.
The first article of the Italian Taste project was published in an international scientific journal “Food Quality and Preference” with the title Exploring influences on food choice in a large population sample: The Italian Taste project. It summarizes the multidisciplinary approach in relation to food, summarizes the phases of realization of this impressive research and reports some preliminary results.
Superquark, a scientific italian TV program, on 16/8/2017 dedicated a report about our project. To view the extract, click here.

Project partners

Working group
Prof. Edi Piasentier, Dr. Saida Favotto

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