Consumer Driven Production: Integrating Innovative Approaches for Competitive and Sustainable Performance across the Mediterranean Aquaculture Value Chain

PerformFISH project – Horizon 2020, Research and Innovation Action (RIA)

5 years, from May 2017 to April 2022

Scientific coordinator for the University of Udine
prof. Marco Galeotti

Gilthead sea bream and European sea bass are by volume the third and fourth most farmed fish species in the EU. These two species contribute significantly to wealth and job creation in rural and coastal areas in EU Mediterranean countries. However, production of sea bream/bass in the EU has remained stagnant for the last decade and the industry faces significant sustainability challenges.
The objective of PerformFISH is to increase the competitiveness of Mediterranean aquaculture by overcoming biological, technical and operational issues with innovative, cost-effective, integrated solutions, while addressing social and environmental responsibility and contributing to “Blue Growth”. PerformFISH adopts a holistic approach constructed with industry involvement to ensure that Mediterranean marine fish farming matures into a modern dynamic sector, highly appreciated by consumers and society for providing safe and healthy food with a low ecological footprint, and employment and trade in rural, peripheral regions. PerformFISH brings together a representative multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary consortium to generate, validate and apply new knowledge in real farming conditions to substantially improve the management and performance of the focal fish species, measured through Key Performance Indicators. At the core of PerformFISH design are a) a link between consumer demand and product design, complemented with product certification and marketing strategies to drive consumer confidence, and b) the establishment and use of a numerical benchmarking system to cover all aspects of Mediterranean marine fish farming performance. Created knowledge and innovative solutions will underpin the developed code of conduct and good practices and will foster modernization through capacity building of the Mediterranean aquaculture workforce. The role of UNIUD in PerformFISH project includes a) histological, immunohistochemical and biomolecular investigations in order to identify predictive markers of larval quality in different stages of development; b) development of new field diagnostics against vibriosis and photobacteriosis; c) development of new vaccines.

Project partners
28 partners from 10 countries

Working group
prof. Marco Galeotti, prof.ssa Marisa Manzano, dott.ssa Paola Beraldo, dott.ssa Donatella Volpatti, dott. Omkar Byadgi, dott.ssa Chiara Bulfon, dott.ssa Valentina Pacorig, sig. Pierluigi Bagatella, sig.ra Carla Calligaro, dott.ssa Federica Gallo

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