Sensory analysis is closely linked to the research and training activity of the group "Breeding systems and product’s quality".

The results obtained are integrated with chemical, physical and molecular biology analysis in order to study the effect of the breeding system on the quality of the final product.

The sensory analysis laboratory was built following the indications of the UNI ISO 8589: 1990 regulation, which prescribes controlled environmental conditions (type of lighting, positive pressure ventilation system, temperature, humidity) to minimize the sources of distraction in phase evaluation.

There are 8 tasting booths equipped with sink, computer network, keyboard and mouse for data collection using a specific software (FIZZ, that is intuitive and easy to use.

Each taster, in the analysis phase, works autonomously following the indications given by the panel leader and answering the questions showed on a screen.

Close to the laboratory there is a preparation room. All procedures follow a protocol, inside the section, for the correct operating / hygienic practice.

Since the beginning (2002), the sensory laboratory has joined the Italian Sensory Science Society (SISS) sharing its aims and the rigorous approach to the subject, following a continuous training proposed by the association and participating in common projects of research.

The SISS, according to Italian law 4/2013, has established the profession of the Sensory Project Manager (SPM) and the Sensory Project Manager Junior (SPMJ), two professional qualification that guarantee competence in the field of Sensory Sciences. To see more about these quality certification :