Research projets

The sensory laboratory in recent years has been involved in several research projects and popular activities. The most significant projects are highlighted in the list below:

• The Pezzata Rossa in Friuli Venezia Giulia: process and product innovation to develop the quality meat supply chain. PSR funding 2014-2020 - Rural Development Program of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Type of intervention 16.2.1. Creation of poles or networks for the development of business chain innovation projects.

• "TOP Value" Project: The added value of the mountain product, Interreg V-A Italy-Österreich 2014-2020 Program, call 2016, Specific Objective 4 - Protection and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage

• "Rose of the Isonzo" project. Measure 16.2, of the PSR RAFVG 2014/2020

• Collaboration between Italy and South Korea for the development of sensory analysis applied to cheeses. For more information click here

• Italian Taste Project ( ) of SISS

• Effect of dietary integration with different tannins on the content of box and indole and on the sensory profile of fat and lamb

Goat cheese Evaluation production in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Sensory profile and consumer preferences for caciotta cheese made with commercial and autochthonous starters.

• Valorization of the Italian Simmental meat chain in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

• Sensory profile and consumer preferences for Montasio DOP-PDM cheese with different ripening time

• Valorization and certification of mountain food products (Montasio Cheese)

• Innovation in rainbow trout farming for improving product quality and environmental sustainability. Sensory profile of fish fillets and fish burgers, consumer test on trout fillets

• Sensory profile and consumer preferences for goat meat

• Applicable requirements and perceived typicality of dry cured ham

• Valorization strategies and qualitative characteristics of Friulan ricotta cheese

• Sensory characteristics of veal from different suppliers and consumer preferences

  • Enhancement of semi-wild breeding products of heavy pigs in multi-functional farms. Sensory profile of raw hams obtained from pigs of Cinta Senese, Mora Romagnola, and industrial hybrid pig. Consumer test on salami with artisanal and industrial processing (ERSA Project)

• Sensory profile of KRAŠKI PRŠUT (Prosciutto from Carso area located close to the Slovenian border)

• Efficiency, quality and innovation in organic livestock farming. Perceived quality of chicken meat, pecorino cheese, beef

• Innovation and optimization in the typical raw ham industry. Characteristics of San Daniele ham in relation to pig genetic type

• Alpine network for sheep and goat promotion for sustainable territory development