Project AdriAquaNet - Enhancing Innovation and Sustainability in Adriatic Aquaculture
Interreg V-A Italia-Croatia 2014-2020Programm, call 2017
Priority axis - Blue innovation

42 months, from January 2019 to June 2022

Principal investigator for University of Udine and Lead partner
prof. Marco Galeotti


The project aim is to develop new solutions or adopt existing solutions to ensure fish farm sustainability. AdriAquaNet project will increase environmental sustainability of fish farming, by designing new fish diets and feeding protocols resulting healthy for fish and consumers, low impacting on the environment, and cost-effective. An innovative anaerobic treatment of wastes from intensive aquaculture facilities and fish hatchery will be tested, allowing to obtain biogas useable as renewable energy and a safe use of wastes as organic fertilizer to reduce their environmental impact. To promote fish health and simultaneously provide safe products to consumers, AdriAquaNet will also propose novel solutions to limit disease outbreaks caused by bacterial and parasitic pathogens, in particular through the research for new stabulogenic vaccines and the study of novel, biocompatible, readily available, economic antibacterial, antiparasitic and immunostimulant substances such as plant derived products, marine natural products (MNPs) from invertebrate or microalgae and probiotic formulations obtained from Adriatic-wide sea bass and sea bream microbiome. Moreover, new Operational Welfare Indicators will be proposed to be easily used by fish farmers to assess sea bass/bream welfare. Finally, new solutions of packaging will be evaluated to increase the quality and shelf-life of fish products and consequently the SMEs competitiveness.

Project partners

Working group

prof. Marco Galeotti, prof. Emilio Tibaldi, prof. Giuseppe Comi, prof. Francesco Da Borso, dott.ssa Donatella Volpatti, prof. Lucilla Iacumin, dott. Alessandro Chiumenti, dott.ssa Gloriana Cardinaletti, dott.ssa Chiara Bulfon, dott.ssa Valentina Pacorig, dott. Fabio Mina, dott. Giulio Fait, dott.ssa Patricija Muzlovic

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