Animal and Veterinary Sciences Section (SAV)

Coordinator: prof. Stefano BOVOLENTA

The SAV section brings together researchers and professors committed to create and disseminate new knowledge through research and education on several fields encompassing breeding management, animal feeding and nutrition, environmental engineering, physiology and endocrinology, physiopathology of reproduction, parasitology, general and fish pathology, anatomopathology and immunology.

Research activities investigate livestock and fish production chains with the aim of increasing economic and environmental sustainability, animal health and welfare as well as food safety and quality.

The section comprises  5 reserch groups defined by convergent research interests and expertise

Section members are also involved in the delivery of graduate and undergraduate courses within the:
- Bachelor Degree in  Animal Husbandry and Health
- Master Degree in  Animal Husbandry and Welfare
- PhD Program in  Agricultural Science and Biotechnology
- Specialization School in  Breeding, Hygiene, Pathology of Aquatic Species and Control of Derived Products