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Biodiversity, agroecosystems, food self-sufficiency

Conference, also online, 24 May, 3.30 pm


In room C5 at Rizzi University Campus, and in live streaming, it will be possible to attend the meeting, organized by DI4A, in the presence of Maurizio Martina, Deputy Director General of the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), former minister of agricultural, food and forestry policies. The theme is entitled "Biodiversity in agroecosystems and food self-sufficiency: irreconcilable objectives?" and the issues that will be developed will concern the critical issues of our country linked to low levels of food self-sufficiency and dependence on foreign suppliers of energy and agricultural raw materials.

It will be possible to follow the event online on the Zoom platform, with passcode 776417, at the link

  • Passcode: 776417

The proceedings will open with the greetings of the rector, Roberto Pinton and the director of the department Edi Piasentier.