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Round table: "Animal welfare in breeding: a topic continuously in evolution"

Gemona del Friuli (UD), 10th November 2018, at 9.15

Conference room of Casa degli Stimmatini (Via degli Stimmatini, N°6) in Gemona del Friuli (UD),10th November 2018, at 9.15 am

SAV, ERSA and  AAFVG  organize a round table entitled: "Evaluation of animal welfare in livestock: a subject in continuous evolution".

The issue of the assessment of the welfare of production animals assumes a greater importance both for the increased sensitivity on the part of the citizens-consumers and for the awareness matured by the zootechnical world linked to the breeding methods. The meeting, organized as part of the event Gemona, cheese ... and surroundings 2018 intends to propose the state of the art and compare researchers, producers and veterinarians operating in the Region.

To view the program and get more information about the round table, have a look at the official brochure