"Italy-South Korea" cooperation


The quality of the work carried out by the research unit "Breeding systems and product quality" has not gone unnoticed even in the Far East, in fact since 2014 a scientific cooperation relationship has begun between prof. Seung Yong Park of Yonam College (Cheonan, South Korea) and Prof. Edi Piasentier of our University. Both teachers teach zootechnical subjects and are actively engaged in research projects with, among different objectives, also the improvement of the quality of products of animal origin and in particular of cheese.

This collaboration between the two Universities, which aims to develop common research activities, high-level training, technology transfer and exchange programs for students and teachers, was formalized in 2015 thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in the field of agriculture , approved by the Rector Alberto Felice De Toni and the president of Yonam College, Mr. Moon-Ho Lee.

The "ITALY-SOUTH KOREA" collaboration has allowed the activation of various initiatives summarized in the list

2014: Educational visit of Prof. Park and some of his students to the University of Udine and to the producers of Montasio cheese (Malga Montasio, etc.)

2015: Participation as speakers of prof. Piasentier, dott. Corazzin and dott. Dario Furlan from ERSA at the "International Symposium on the Grassland Management System of the High Mountains", organized by Cheonan Yonam College in collaboration with the Korean Academic Society of Forage and Grassland.

cheese making demonstration at Yonam College and visit to two cattle farms and a Korean dairy

2017: dr. Corazzin give lecture "Valorization of cheese in mountains, the case of Montasio Cheese on Italian Alps" at Anseon Farmland at the Conference "Sustainable dairy industry from a consumer perspective"

Lectures by dr. Corazzin and Dr. Favotto to the students of Yonam College and Seoul National University on topics concerning, respectively, the Italian dairy industry and its future projection in the international market and the Sensory Analysis applied to the evaluation of cheeses.