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The numbers of Italian taste

Webinar 15/12/2021 on the results of the project


The sensory laboratory of the “Breeding systems and product quality” group contributed to the realization of the project ITALIAN TASTE, the largest study on Italian food preferences

To celebrate 20 years of activity, the association organizes a series of seminars that illustrate the results obtained by the members of the association in the various research sectors. It is in this context that on Wednesday 15 December, from 4 to 5 pm, it will be possible to attend the webinar "The numbers of Italian taste" during which some evidence emerged from the research and already  published

Speakers: Caterina Dinnella, Isabella Endrizzi, Monica Laureati, Maria Piochi, Fiorella Sinesio, Sara Spinelli, Luisa Torri. The event is organized by Flavia Gasperi and Erminio Monteleone.

The webinar is free, upon registration, and open to all interested parties.

For more info see the dedicated web page: