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New frontiers in pig farming

In China the largest structure in the world

There is an interesting article published on PIG PROGRESS 

The largest pig farm in the world is under construction near the city of Ezhou, about 80 km from Wuhan: 2 buildings of 26 floors, each of 400,000 m2, set up for maximum work efficiency, attention to ecology and lower overall costs.

A complete system for the treatment of livestock waste has been planned to produce biogas and subsequently electricity and heating.

The vertical farming will finally be able to produce 1.2 million pigs for slaughter / year (for a total of 108,000 tons of pork / year), while the investment costs would have been around 4 billion RMB (570 million of Euro).

According to official estimates, China's demand for pork will increase from 51.77 million tons to 60.77 million tons over the next decade. Building large farms like these is one way to meet the growing demand.

To see the promotional video, click HERE